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Personal Injury

Florida personal injury lawyers

Our firm is focused exclusively on personal injury cases. As competent and experienced trial lawyers, we bring a unique perspective and comprehensive insight to personal injury representation for all types of claims. Our attorneys provide personalized attention at every stage of the claim, and you will fully understand your legal rights. If your case requires litigation and progresses to a jury trial, we will be there to help you. Learn more about our practice areas by clicking on any of the category listed below ↓

Types of personal injury cases

We are skilled at handling complex or difficult claims.While we handle all types of Florida personal injury cases,
some are more common than others.
Many of our cases fall into the following categories:

Auto Accidents

Medical Malpractice

Nursing Home Abuse

Premises Liability

Wrongful Death

Our approach: What to expect

No matter which type of personal injury you experience, our lawyers begin managing your claim to relieve the pressures associated with the initial process. While you recover and get the treatment you need, we make sure that your bills are processed and that the appropriate insurance companies are aware of the claim. We also assist in arranging the necessary medical treatment to help relieve the pain associated with your injury.

In many cases there is insurance available to help offset medical expenses or wage loss while your claim is being initially processed. We will help you apply for these benefits and coordinate payment to you or your medical providers.

Our attorneys take an active role in seeing that medical costs are covered, such as:

  • Proper submission of documentation for payment medical bills
  • Payment of outstanding medical bills from available insurance
  • Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement

Once your doctors have provided you with an understanding of the nature of the injury and how it will affect you in the future, we will submit all the necessary paperwork to the responsible insurance company. We first will try to negotiate a settlement that fully reimburses you for all your damages. A settlement at this stage can be beneficial for you because the funds will come quickly and the costs of presenting the claim are low.

When a claim cannot be resolved

However, if the claim can not be resolved, we are committed to filing lawsuits to secure the appropriate amount of compensation for our clients. The fact that a lawsuit is filed does not mean that your case will go to trial. Florida Courts require cases to go through a mediation settlement conference in an attempt to resolve personal injury cases before going to trial. Some cases may also be resolved without mediation while the cases progresses through litigation.

We always have our client’s best interests in mind and will advise you when the monetary offer to settle will not adequately meet your needs. As experienced trial lawyers, we do not hesitate to take a case to trial when the insurance companies do not make reasonable offers.

Serious personal injuries inflict immense pain and suffering and often require lifelong medical or assistive care. Our firm has the resources necessary to evaluate your case in depth. We use professional experts, such as auto accident reconstruction engineers, medical doctors, economists and rehabilitation specialists to assist in the prosecution of your claim.

Free Consultation

Time limitations exist for filing personal injury claims and vary depending on the kind of claim. Discussing your accident or injury with an experienced personal injury lawyer helps you determine whether you have a case, allows a claim to be filed in a timely manner, and sets the best course of legal action in motion. If you are going to pursue a claim, you need a lawyer to answer important questions and advise you on how to deal with insurance adjusters. If we do not recover on your behalf, you owe us no fee.

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